Our Mission

ACT is a reproductive justice organization building power through leadership development, community organizing, advocacy, and policy change in our communities.

Build Power. Organize. ACT.

  • Womxn
  • Young People
  • Communities affected by systemic oppression
  • Elected officials and decision makers
  • Guiding Principles

    Reproductive Justice
    Gender Justice
    Racial Justice
    Accountability and Courage
    Movement Building
    Restorative Healing
    Liberation and Equity

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  • Organizational Strategy

    Center young people and hold physical space for their growth and healing

    Create opportunities to develop leadership

    Build power of our base through community engagement, political education, civic participation, and connection to broader movements

    Build strategic alliances with organizations and movements to advance reproductive justice

    Increase access to reproductive health services and resources

    Educate and inform policies, policy makers, and leaders

  • Anticipated Changes

    Historically oppressed communities have the equity, access and power to thrive.

    Communities inform and drive policies to dismantle systemic oppression

    Young people and womxn belong to a unified movement addressing reproductive justice locally, statewide, and nationally

    Decentralized personal, social, institutional and political power

    Freedom and capacity to radically imagine and realize our full selves

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Get Involved

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    • Outreach
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  • Join our Board of Directors
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    • Feminist Leadership Academy
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ACT for Women and Girls is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization established in 2005. Honor ACT by assuring sustainability and support ACT ‘s growth to adequately meet the needs of the community. Become a monthly supporter today!


Be Our Friend! for $5/mo, or $ 60/yr you tell us you like us and don't mind affiliating with us. This is our entry donation level for identifying with ACT.

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Movement Leader! for $100/mo or $1,200/yr you are building the Central Valley voice and helping us grow our movement to reach the Nation!

Donate to ACT's Mutual Aid Fund

ACT’s Mutual Aid Fund will go directly to those most impacted by COVID-19 in Tulare Co, including ACT’s youth participants, alumni network, undocumented families, young parents, LGBTQ youth, and folks who have lost income.


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Today we are highlighting Kiara from our ACT for Young Parents group! Here are some things about her and why she's excited to be in the group. Keep following as we highlight our members and what they'll be up to for the next few weeks.

[ID]: Ombre pink and orange background, with pink abstract shapes in the corners. Light pink box with text: My favs: Sunflowers, Chocolate, Spa Days. Bike Riding, Watching Netflix, Lemon Chips, Red Velvet Cake. Bold text,left bottom corner: Kiara ACT for Young Parents Program. Quote from linzee, top right corner: "I'm looking forward to learning a little about everything. Just being a good teen mom and proud" top right Corner: Polaroid image of Kiara.

#tularecounty #actforyoungparents #communitylove #youngparentsupport

Our new collective, Mindful Action, takes off next week with a live Q&A this week! Saturday @ 3pm!

Check us out live to hear about the space & ask any questions you may have! Feel free to comment/DM questions and we'll make sure to answer them Saturday!

This space is created by and for QT BIPoC youth in Tulare County and will be intentional about healing, joy, and community. If you're down for this, check it out. 🌌🌌


[ID]: purple and orange gradient galaxy background with two clouds coming in and wrapping around text: Mindful Action, Live Q & A, Join us Saturday (10/17) to learn about Mindful Action, our new collective centering QT BIPoC healing, joy, and community. October, Saturday 17, 2020 @ 3pm via Instagram live. Healing, Joy, Community

Check out our Voter Resource link! Find the official Tulare County Polling and Ballot Drop off location list, comprehensive non-partisan voter guides, know your rights materials, and voter status link. Link in our IG bio 🔥💜


[ID]: purple and blue background. Text: ACT Voter Resources: Polling and Ballot Box Locations, Non-partisan voter guides, know your rights, voter status link. top left corner: graphic design of 2 folks. Bottom left corner: graphic design 1 person voting.

#tularecounty #youthvote #voteforchange #vote2020

💛Sharing out our latest update with ACT’s Mutual Aid Fund. We have started to redistribute funds to folks and will be working on a final report for y'all soon! Continue to donate to our Mutual Aid Fund so we can support folks in Tulare County!

[ID] : dark teal background w/ pink and purple branches and leaves. Title Text: ACT's Mutual Aid Fund, White box w/text: ACTs Mutual Aid round #2 update. We confirmed applications and allocated funds to recipients. Deliveries have started and will continue through next week. Final report coming soon! Donate to Our Mutual Aid Fund. Link bit.ly/actmutualaid.

#tularecounty #mutualaid #mutualaidisradicallove

💜 Help us welcome Linzee to our ACT for Young Parents group! Here are some things about her and why she's excited to be in the group. Keep following as we highlight our members and what they'll be up to for the next few weeks.💜

[ID]: Ombre green background, with pink abstract shapes in the corners. Light pink box with text: about me: Vanilla, Hot Cheetos, Dancing, Cheerleading, Sleeping, White Roses, Pumpkin Spice. Bold text,right top corner: linzee ACT for Young Parents Program. Quote from linzee,bottom left corner: "I'm looking forward to making new friends. To relate to one another and share our experiences with each other and give each other advice." right bottom Corner: Polaroid image of Linzee.

#tularecounty #actforyoungparents #communitylove #youngparentsupport

ACT is starting their 5 week virtual Sex Education program with middle schools 🤩 Shout out to Michelle and Rosa for leading!

[ID]: laptop virtual meeting session: in frame two staff. Caption: starting our first sex education lectures for the next 5 weeks for a middle school.

#tularecounty #sexeducator #sexed #reproductivejustice #queersexed