ACT has created a movement of social justice leaders who raise their voices to impact our community, state and nation.

Who Are We?

ACT is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization located in Tulare County in the Central Valley of California.


Our Mission

ACT is a reproductive justice organization building power through leadership development, community organizing, advocacy, and policy change in our communities.


Our Beginnings

ACT began from a Listening Session in Visalia hosted by the Women's Foundation of California in February 2003.

Women from diverse backgrounds came together to discuss issues that mattered to them. In conclusion for the session, the women found that Visalia did not have enough resources to help promote positive change to all the people occupying the area.

ACT began as a grassroots effort to examine the needs of rural communities. The Feminist Leadership Academy was created in 2005 to provide leadership opportunities to young people through an intersectional lens.

As years have passed by, ACT has established itself as a youth organizing reproductive justice organization working on issues in the Central Valley, state and nation.

Award Winning Organization

Activists of The Year - April 2016. Awarded by Tulare County Political Action Committee.

Gloria Award in New York City – May 2015. Awarded by the Ms. Foundation for Women for the Women of Vision.

Bold Move – September 2014. Awarded by the American Society for Emergency Contraception and the International Consortium for Emergency Contraception in New York City.

Partners and Supporters

ACT would not be successful in what we do without strategic and meaningful partnerships with other social justice organizations and supporters.

Early in this work, it became clear that these partnerships were needed to provide opportunities for leadership development and empowerment of young women to work within their own communities and participate in the new generation of feminist movement building.

Annual Report

It is with pride we present ACT’s 2018 accomplishments. In the context of our national political landscape, we made incredible strides towards justice for the Central Valley, the state of California, and our nation. We welcome you to celebrate with us as you read through the pages of this report.