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ACT is an Equal Opportunity Employer

ACT is a non-profit 501 (C) 3 organization located in California’s Central Valley. Mission: ACT is a reproductive justice (RJ) organization building power in our communities through leadership development, community organizing, advocacy and policy change. Since 2005, ACT has been inspiring youth leaders to address social and personal issues impacting our communities. We have influenced some of the state’s most progressive RJ policies and challenged our communities to think deeper and honor justice. Our work is guided by the principles of racial, gender, LGBTQ+, and reproductive justice, restorative healing, liberation, equity, and movement building. We visualize a world where historically oppressed communities have equitable power, are free to radically imagine and realize their full selves, and inform and drive policies to dismantle systemic oppression.

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is an integral part of ACT’s program implementation. The Program Coordinator will divide time among programs, campaigns, and implementation of sexual health education courses. They will implement ACT’s FLA and SHAPE programs and assist with Mutual Aid and EZE subscription boxes.



  • Meet with Program Manager on a weekly basis to go over program goals including the following below:
    • Conduct Capacity building with community members, allies, and organizations
    • Assist the Program Manager with curriculum development and use popular education as pedagogical tools – and pedagogy of the curriculum
    • Assist the Program Manager with developing program timelines
    • Develop supporting materials for trainings and workshops (i.e agendas, sign-in sheets, outreach materials, community resources, etc.)
  • Base building:
    • Recruit youth and ensure program retention
    • Develop and maintain relationships with allies and youth
  • Lead the planning for Creative Healing Workshops:
    • Reconnect and hold space for youth growth and healing that utilizes the arts, and centers culture as a means for processing their experiences, practicing positive mental health and wellness, and connecting to larger systems of change
    • Host and facilitate healing and art workshops through a partnership between young people and ally healing groups and healers in Visalia and Woodlake
    • Support Planning Committee for creative healing workshops
    • Make space for young people to sharpen their skills in base building plans, outreach, outreach material, networking, where relationship and community building are prioritized
    • Engage with ally organizations to discuss healing, power building, and cross-issue understanding and resource sharing
  • Engage participants with ACT campaigns and events
    • Create leadership, facilitating, and building roles within the curriculum for youth to move into such as:
      • Creating interactive workshops that include public speaking practice, engaging in discussions with one another
  • Host events and actions related to FLA/SHAPE program outcomes

EZE Subscription Box Service & Mutual Aid

  • Work with Program Manager to plan dates and coordination for the quarterly roll out for the EZE boxes (Mutual Aid schedule and roll out depends on funding)
  • Outreach and follow up with community members during intake process
  • Support the Program Manager with adhering to program budgets and tracking program expenses
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities to ACT staff and volunteers for the distribution process of EZE boxes

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education

  • Participate in comprehensive sexual health education training
    • Implement sexual health education with high school and middle school students in a classroom setting for extended periods (typically 2 weeks)
    • Implement sexual health education workshops for participants and community members
    • Follow mandated curriculum for compliance with The California Healthy Youth Act
  • Build relationships with school boards and districts to expand our outreach and implementation of comprehensive sexual health education across Tulare County

Movement Theory and Work

  • Center and uplift Queer and Trans Black, Indigenous, youth of color voices, communal needs, and vision
  • Identify yearly goals with staff and build action plans for community transparency, accountability, and dismantling of oppressive systems and institutions
  • Serve as a tool and adviser to youth organizers in: building collectives, facilitating, de-escalation practices and transformative/restorative justice, campaigns, and organizing
  • Facilitate youth growth in: leading campaigns, grant writing, planning and execution, building collectives, decolonized non-violent communication, non-western healing practices, policy advocacy, critical awareness
  • Represent the organization and its work in public as it pertains to programs
  • Work collaboratively with other organizations to advance common goals consistent with our mission
  • Participate in local, state and regional gatherings to advance a social justice Agenda

General Program Coordinator Duties

  • Monitor record-keeping for all programs (agenda and attendance) of each meeting and enter into Powerbase
  • Identify, strategize, and work through issues in programs through regular program meetings
  • Assist in grant reporting by providing numbers, data, stats, etc. to the grant writing team
  • Assist Program Manager in identifying program budget needs
  • Program Coordinator will work closely with Program Manager to identify design and content for social media posts to promote programs, events, and local actions
  • Check in weekly or more as needed with Program Manager to develop work plans, activities, and track progress of various programs and campaigns
  • Run collective evaluation of all programming at the end – collect feedback and implement feedback into the following year cohort of the collective.
  • Identify programmatic needs

Other Duties

  • Support organizational Strategic Planning
  • Help with fundraising events
  • Other duties as assigned
  • This is a non-exempt, part-time position at 28 hours per week (70% FTE)
  • The Program Coordinator’s schedule is determined by their supervisor
  • This position is based in Visalia, California. During the COVID-19 pandemic, ACT employees are working remotely, but will be expected to return to the office, upon notice
  • The compensation for this position is $19.75-$20.75 per hour, commensurate with experience
  • Cell phone compensation: $45 monthly
  • Wifi compensation: $25 monthly, during COVID-19 remote work period
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance benefits for the employee and their eligible family
  • Retirement benefits
  • Paid holidays, paid Winter Holiday Office Closure and other paid time off (pro-rated at 70% of total hours paid to full time employees)
  • 56 hours of paid vacation per year (pro-rated at 70% of 80 hours paid to full time employees)56 hours of sick time per year (pro-rated at 70% of 80 hours paid to full time employees)
  • Reimbursed mileage
  • All forms of compensation and benefits provided to employees is pursuant to ACT’s Employee Policies and Procedures

All ACT employees are expected to fully support the organization’s mission in their work. All positions and work must support LGBTQ+ rights and Reproductive Justice – including the right to access abortion and

  • Minimum of 1 to 2 years of experience with cold outreach and presentations in public schools and rural communities preferably with BIPOC/ LGBTQ+ youth and young parents
  • Knowledge and effective communication skills in political and reproductive and sexual health education, including sensitive and trauma-informed topics
  • Adaptability to speak in public speaking settings in front of various audiences, including community members and elected officials
  • Experience in planning local actions in teams including community members and youth
  • Solid understanding of the political climate and policies affecting the Central Valley communities
  • Strong commitment to anti-racism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism, reproductive justice, Gender Justice, and restorative justice
  • Ability to practice sound judgment and confidentiality
  • Demonstrated understanding and analysis of social, LGBTQ+, racial, and reproductive justice
  • Initiative in self growth, healing, and community care
  • Experience in conflict management and deescalation, decolonizing non-violent communication, or strong interest and ability to learn
  • Prior experience in community organizing, facilitation for collective building, mentoring, working within a team, and co-leading with youth
  • Sound ability to network and present as an ambassador of the organization in all settings
  • Self-driven, and a clear focus on high-quality work
  • Ability and desire to travel within California and the United States on both program and organizational development tasks
  • Multilingual a plus and desired
  • Previous ACT alumna/participants a plus and desired
  • Proficient in remote communication and basic computer skills and programs PART
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You will need to:

  • submit an online application  and
  • send a cover letter (*) and resume to or by mail to 1900 N. Dinuba Blvd., Suite A, Visalia, Ca. 93291.

(*) Your cover letter should detail your qualifications, experience, passion, and commitment to reproductive justice.