Please help us find the next extraordinary leadership for ACT for Women and Girls!

ACT for Women and Girls (ACT), a 17-year-old reproductive justice organization building power through leadership development, community organizing, advocacy, and policy change in our Central Valley communities, is searching for fierce, courageous, new leadership to work for youth leadership development and gender, racial, and reproductive justice!

Located in Tulare County, in the Central Valley of California, we need executive leadership that will provide unwaveringly committed and compassionate support and guidance to our team. We are eagerly seeking candidates who can demonstrate their ability to enrich our community-based reproductive justice work centering youth leadership and focused on a range of intersectional justice issues in the rural Central Valley, in California, and across the country.

We are seeking an Executive Director who has the skills, passion, and stamina to lead all aspects of the ACT organization, including overseeing our programs, operations, our strategic priorities, and our foundation and grassroots fundraising.

We are seeking your support to promote this opportunity and help to identify strong candidates.

Toward this goal, we ask that you please:

  • Read and share this post and information with those you believe could be or who may help to identify strong candidates
  • Post, like, and share information from this message throughout your social justice networks
  • Like and elevate ACT’s social media posts regarding this search
  • Send candidate recommendations directly to, with the subject line: “Candidate recommendation – [Candidate name]”.

Some of the qualities and characteristics we are looking for in a candidate (full list below):

  • A tenacious, clearly demonstrated commitment to and passion for justice for all people
  • Integrity, humility, compassion
  • Supportive and patient leadership with a sense of humor
  • Comfortable making decisions, and both giving and receiving feedback
  • Adaptable to a fluctuating, evolving work environment
  • Ability to work independently, take initiative to propose solutions, and work collaboratively in a team environment
  • Skilled in keeping team focus on shared organizational vision and goals.

Some of the skills and experiences we are prioritizing include:

  • A background in community mobilization, organizing, and building power for justice; policy advocacy; community and civic engagement and relationship-building
    Understanding of ACT’s vision for our community and can clearly and easily articulate it
  • Alignment with and able to hold and uplift a focus and direction to keep ACT on track
  • Long-term planner with an eye toward short-term details
  • Proven, effective management of people, programs, and budgets
  • Consistent ability to move from dreaming to learning to building and executing strategies, as well as implementing, evaluating, and revising them
  • Experience in power-sharing and working with BIPOC/Queer and Trans (Queer, Trans, and Non-Binary people who are Black, Indigenous, and people of color), young people, undocumented families, low-income communities
  • Can focus on and stay grounded in a mission, strategic goals, and work plans, while also noting practical ways an organization can evolve and grow in response to emerging community needs
  • Knowledgeable of collective histories of struggle by marginalized people, and of reproductive justice and comprehensive sex ed politics in Tulare County, CA

Supporting ACT’s organizational mission is a fundamental expectation of all employees and volunteers of ACT, regardless of their position or work. Our mission is rooted in reproductive justice which has, at its heart, explicit support for the rights of QTBIPOC and for the right of all people to access contraception and safe and legal abortion without judgment or discrimination.

Reproductive justice has never been more important. Whether in sharing information or resources, written correspondence, speaking one-on-one with community members or to a group, or while representing ACT in any capacity, all members of our team are required to maintain this commitment.

ACT’s current annual budget is over half a million dollars. We currently have 3 dedicated and inspiring full-time staff members, as well as teams of seasonal workers and temporary staff. The location of the Executive Director position is in the Central Valley of California.

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