Transformation at ACT for Women and Girls

ACT for Women and Girls was founded 15 years ago with the goal of being an organization that uplifted and empowered the women of Tulare County to be leaders and address reproductive rights. After many years of transformation and learning, remaining responsive to community needs, and the overall Reproductive Justice landscape in The Valley, as well as the rest of the country, ACT is now more than ever working to achieve a true representation of Reproductive Justice for ALL. 

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact our communities, we want to offer you this update about us as an organization. Although our physical office has been closed over the last year and a half, ACT staff and board have undertaken a deep commitment to culture change and organizational transformation. Together, in the midst of the challenges we all face, ACT has stepped up and realized that we cannot achieve Reproductive Justice without Gender, Racial, or Transformative Justice. Addressing anti-Blackness and white supremacy within ourselves, our communities, and institutions is of the utmost importance, and it starts with us. 

As we continue to work against intersectional, systemic inequities, and injustice in our community, we have brought in Restorative Justice practices to help ensure we can effectively create mindful and intentional spaces with one another.

We are also actively aware of all of the ways that those same oppressive themes played out in our nonprofit organization. In the same ways that we work to dismantle racism, ageism, white supremacy, and transphobia through our work, we are building the means to stay vigilant about such dynamics within ACT. 

We have used this time to rebuild a practice and culture that is practical and meaningful to all of us, including staff and board. We want to keep aspiring and achieving by using institutionalized tools, practices, and spaces in which to address oppression and work out conflict. We are committed to visioning and working together, and to celebrating each other along the way.

By upholding this commitment, we know we are strengthening ourselves and all of our work for you, our community. This process is not linear; these tools are just the starting point. We thank you for your constant support, and we look forward to continuing the work and moving forward in our transition for the betterment of ACT, youth, and the community overall.


ACT Staff and Board of Directors

NOTE: email address removed for security reasons