Farewell Erin!

Farewell to our Fierce Leader and Executive Director, Erin Garner-Ford! Erin has been with ACT for almost 15 years, and began with the organization as its first Organizer to lead Feminist Leadership Academy on 2004 and has been building the Central Valley #ReproductiveJustice movement ever since.

Erin’s decision to move on from ACT was sparked by a motivation to center her family and a new beginning for her leadership. In the Fall of 2019, Erin’s son Jackson was diagnosed with stage three Melanoma Cancer, which led Erin to prioritize her son’s health and care for her family. Since her decision to resign as Executive Director, Erin is working as a consultant for ACT and a few other orgs in the Central Valley.

Erin has mentored and coached hundreds of young people and peers in Tulare County over the years, but her departure isn’t all tears She will be here for us, for ACT, and for our community forever and ever. We (and Erin) ask you to stand with ACT in our 15th Year of youth organizing and continue to support our work by donating now!

NOTE: email address removed for security reasons